Plain Dealer Union Not Thrilled With Management's Latest Proposal to Extend Wage Cut

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The newspaper business, as you might have heard, is swirling the commode these days. Declining demand for advertising and Mary Worth cartoons has meant lower revenues, all of which affects the folks who write the words you ignore each day.

So yes, drastic times call for drastic measures. In 2009, workers in the Plain Dealer newsroom agreed to a 12 percent pay cut in exchange for a no-layoff guarantee from the bosses.

With that two-year contract set to run out at the end of this year, the battle will be joined yet again. Management’s most recent proposal was to extend the current agreement another two years.

This time the union’s not biting.

“Our membership had it tough the last two years, as we saw this company take concessions to help it through hard times. And our members were happy to do that,” says Harlan Spector, Plain Dealer wordsmith and chairman of the union.

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