Police Union Prez Urges Members to Look Out for 'Anything Out of the Ordinary' Amid Brelo Trial

As the trial of Cleveland police officer Michael Brelo turns toward the defense this week, all Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association eyes remain fixated on the proceedings. 

A motion for acquittal was denied yesterday.

Following the news, CPPA President Steve Loomis sent the following memo, urging the union to let leadership know if anything seems out of the ordinary as Brelo's trial progresses. If we weren't so familiar with the CPPA's tonal positioning, Scene would submit all this talk of their taking "the high road throughout this incident" as out of the ordinary and worthy of further scrutiny indeed:

Dear Directors and Members,

The motion for Rule 29 in Mike Brelo's case has been granted for removing the 3 year gun specs (total 6 years) from consideration, however has been denied for the remaining charges of voluntary manslaughter. These rulings were not unexpected and should not be viewed as negative.

It is the defense's turn to present testimony of fact from our expert witnesses this week which will only serve to enhance Mike's already very strong defense case.

Please continue to remain the consummate professionals you all are while this case continues to play out and there after. We have taken and have remained on the high road throughout this incident, investigation, indictment and trial, while the prosecutor simply and politically has not.

It is in everyone's best interest (Brelo's, our Members, and the citizens) that the high road is where we remain.

Be mindful of your surroundings, back each other up, and please continue to be safe. Let us know immediately if you observe or hear ANYTHING out of the ordinary regarding this or any other issue.

Highest Regards, Steve

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Eric Sandy is an award-winning Cleveland-based journalist. For a while, he was the managing editor of Scene. He now contributes jam band features every now and then.
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