Political Ad Says Josh Mandel is LeBron James, or Something

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If you clicked over to Cleveland.com today (or Facebook, or the ABJ), you probably saw this image: Josh Mandel with his back to the camera and his arms out. The tagline for the political ad — paid for by Workers' Voice, a super PAC "affiliated with the AFL-CIO" — has the word witness in it. Where have we seen this before? Oh yeah, that's right.

Workers' Voice is spending $100,000 to plaster the ad online in the hopes that... that... uh, the LeBron hatred is transferable to Mandel? What's the connection again?

The ads will also be targeted toward people searching on Google and Bing for information on Game 4 and/or Lebron James who, like Josh Mandel, has been accused of being unable to do the job he was hired for in Ohio, and wanted to take his “talents” elsewhere.

Ah, gotcha.

This isn't the first time a politician has dipped into the well of LeBron imagery for a campaign. Marcy Kaptur compared Dennis! Kucinich to LeBron (and Art Modell) in an ad that worked about as well as this one.

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