Power Outage at Cedar Point Leaves Riders Stuck on Millennium Force's Gigantic Hill

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Holymotherfuckingshit, holymotherfuckingshit, holymotherfuckingshit.
  • "Holymotherfuckingshit, holymotherfuckingshit, holymotherfuckingshit."

In news that should make everyone who has ever been afraid to ride a roller coaster feel better, a small power outage at Cedar Point left a group of passengers stuck on the Millennium Force. And not just anywhere on the Millennium Force, on the hill, the big friggin' record-setting hill.

Who's excited for amusement parks now, people? Yee-haw.

Riders were stuck for 40 minutes as crews worked to restore the power. No word on how long the crew had to work to clean up the vomit left in the car afterward. WOIO reports:

The roller coaster car stopped on the hill. Around 12:25PM, the back-up diesel motor power kicked in and brought the riders back to the station.

As of 1:30PM, most of the power had been restored. Officials don't know yet what caused the power outage.

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