Public Square: Going Bi

AJ's surefire method for getting laid.

So many women ask me this question, so I am going to post my views on the bi thing.

The bi thought came to me in 1999 when I wasn't dating for a long time and I could not find a girlfriend. I checked every dating site and went to bars. The problem with bars and meeting women is that I am not aggressive. Usually women are in groups and meeting them in a club or bar just hasn't worked that well for me. So, I found many sites where guys are looking for sex. In a perfect world, there would be a site where women are looking for sex, but there isn't any.

So, I thought, if I find a guy who is thin, smooth (hairless) it would be like being with a woman, except for a dick. I tried it. It was like being with a women and it pacifies me until I am dating a girl. I don't do anal with a guy, so the fucking part is missed. But everything else with a guy is the same.

So you're thinking, I don't want any hairy ass in my face. Well, there are so many guys out there that are smooth and small-framed and if you do like fucking your girlfriend in the ass, it's the same thing with a smooth guy.

Then you may be thinking, I don't want a hairy cock in my face, women are all shaven. Well, many guys these days are all groomed down there. And, it is amazing if you ask them to shave it, they will for the hook up.

Then you may be thinking, I don't want him cumming on me or my face. Well, tell him that you want him to cum on himself.

So, you don't want to sleep with guys, but you want hot women. This has happened to me a few times. Go to a gay bar. All the hot women go there because they can be themselves and not worry about guys hitting on them.

One gay bar has a strip club across the street. When the strip club closes, the girls come to the gay bar. Many hot women will just come right up to you and ask you to dance if you're already dancing. They always want to invite you to meet their friends. Then they will say, "This is my friend Jack, are you gay?" Then you say no. You're in because in a club full of gay guys, you showed her you are fun and there is no other competition compared to straight bars. I've dated and got laid by some hot chicks in the gay bars.

If there weren't any of the "guys looking for sex" sites, I wouldn't have gone down that road. There are so many places to find guys for sex for free. The most popular site to go to get sex is Another is and

Consider this a public service.


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