Public Square: Teacher Refuses to Teach Until She Gets Apology

Some time ago you did a story on White Hat Management ["Education at its Worst," August 29]. I kept that story for the longest time and shared it with others, specifically a teacher at Hope Academy, who was later fired, because she had the audacity to speak up and say how a school should be operated. This year this same school has an 8th grade teacher who does not like it when parents speak up because she has no control over her classroom. There are several of us parents who believe she is either an alcoholic or is a drug dependent. She informed her 8th grade class on Wednesday that until a certain student and her mama (not mother, mind you) apologized, she would not teach, nor would she be handing out presents for the holidays. (Personally I'd have preferred she offered to hold her breath until she received the apology). Three students texted my daughter at her place of employment to inform her that the teacher would not get out of her daughter's face. The teacher even went so far as to say "Let her mama teach math." It was not just the students who heard her outbursts. A trusted staff member walked by and heard these outbursts. She then informed her class that they were to write an essay as to why they didn't respect her. (I don't think HOPE has that much paper.) I have watched HOPE literally go down the drain in the past three years. Last year, White Hat Management did not want too many students expelled for misbehavior, as it would look bad on the school. So what good teachers they had, you could kiss goodbye. Something has to be done! Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to put my feelings in writing. Grandmother of a student Cleveland
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