Purse Versus AK-47: Purse Wins

Everyday assault rifle.
  • Everyday assault rifle.

Disclaimer: Ladies, Scene does not recommend you try this at home. The best course of action for all your assault rifle encounters is to hand over the money. If you have no money, hand over your credit cards. If you have neither money nor credit cards, well, maybe store a brick in your purse.

Lorain is known for having a disproportionate number of stupid criminals. According to this news item, what it needs to combat the unfortunate trend is more purse-swinging women.

A 22-year-old started off his Monday evening by stealing an AK-47 from one Lorain home. A couple hours later he knocked on the front door of another home, but, being the impatient type, kicked the door open before the resident could answer the door.

The resident, a 53-year-old woman, was watching TV at the time. The weapon-wielding intruder demanded her money but she told him she didn’t have any. The man pointed at her purse. So, she picked up her purse and started swinging it at him, successfully knocking the gun out of his hands. But, the villain was able to retrieve the weapon and hit the woman with it. She started screaming though, and that scared him off.

NewsNet 5 reports that police arrested the man this morning, but cannot locate the AK-47, which could be behind some shrubbery somewhere, waiting for someone else to pick it up.

No word on whether a designer purse or an everyday bag was used during the attempted robbery

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