'Raging Morons' at Cleveland Institute of Music

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Judging by most of these comments , it's obvious that those attending the Cleveland Institute of Music are students there solely based on their musical talents ["Sour Notes," February 14]. Unfortunately for the dear readers of the online version of this rag and its 'Comments' section associated with this story, CIM failed to factor the "ability to reason," "intelligence," "rational thinking," "correct grammar and punctuation," "test scores" and "not being raging morons" into the admissions process one bit. No wonder most of you post anonymously (which is ironic considering you've attacked those in the article that came forward but did so, ahem, anonymously). Attacking the reporter is unjust, unfair and well, mostly immature. She is the reporter only, meaning (for you seemingly slow CIM students) she reported what she learned through interviews and research during the weeks leading up to the publishing of said article. The actual writing (you know, the words and how the were formed into descriptive and informative sentences) was excellent (as are a number of Ms. Meiser's pieces -- I believe she, along with a number of other Scene staffers, have won -- gasp! -- journalism awards) and as far as I can tell, the lean of the story is based solely on the words of those people who undoubtedly came to her in the first place to report these transgressions. And naturally, her being a reporter and reporting those reports that were reported to her (without altering them) in this article, the lean was not in Bill's favor. Complain about the people who were brave enough to be quoted and how they are potentially being petty (for whatever reasons), or complain about the sensationalizing of the no-screen audition process or, for all anyone else cares, complain about your jealousy surrounding Mr. Preucil's repeated sexual advances towards "the other tuba player" instead of you (apparently you just need a bigger rack). Just stop attacking the person who simply gathered the information presented to her (disputed facts or hearsay notwithstanding) and how this story belongs in some other, more trashy rag. You are reading Scene, you know? The levels of trashiness in the (f'ing FREE!) alt-weekly world need not be broached. P.S. Describing Billy as looking like a "c" while playing was what rational, well-read (actual books, not ones with music notes in them) people might deem a descriptive phrase. It was not a slur, nor should anyone be appalled. You, the person in question who took such offense to this, are an idiot. Jon, Educated Reader Cleveland

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