Reader: All the Censored News Unfit to Print

Important Cleveland news in the past several days that the Plain Dealer (as usual to serve the powerful wealthy) censored out. So please inform the public fast as you can of the following: CONVENTION CENTER. The August 31 Plain Dealer news story headlined "Medical Mart advisers named" states that The Greater Cleveland Partnership (a partnership of the greedy wealthy who love to live off our tax dollars, courtesy of corrupt politicians they fund) formed a site selection committee, headed by its chairman Fred (the fixer) Nance, to select a site for the new convention center and Medical Mart. Of course, the Plain Dealer omitted the prime fact that Forest City/Tower City head Sam Miller is a major funder of (and thereby controls) The Greater Cleveland Partnership, which has already decided it will select as the site, the land Miller owns behind his Tower City. That is where Mller wants it, for his ever-increasing wealth and profits. PD PUBLISHER EGGERS LIES BY DENYING THIS BIG CONFLICT OF INTEREST. It is amazing that the news media in Greater Cleveland did not publicly expose the Plain Dealer's big, self-serving, journalistically unethical outrageous lie, in which it falsely claimed about 2 weeks ago, in its own pages, that the appointment of its publisher Terrence Egger to the Cleveland Clinic Board of Trustees does not create any conflict of interest for the Plain Dealer. Of course it does, because the Cleveland Clinic is often in the news, sometimes does bad things, and what Plain Delaer reporter or editor wants to risk his or her job now by writing anything critical of the Cleveland Clinic that Eggers might get them demoted or fired or be given a less desirable work assignment.... since anything too negative published in the Plain Dealer about the Cleveland Clinic now becomes an embarasment to Eggers. Plus the Cleveland Clinic is one of the Plain Dealer's biggest advertisers, spending tens of thousands of dollars each month. Egger was totally unprincipled to accept that invitation to be a trustee from Cleveland Clinic board of trustees chairman Malachi Mixon, cunningly designed to put the PD on even a tighter leash. Don't expect local news media to say anythig about this, since all or almost all of them get advertising from Cleveland Clinic, and/or the other local hospitals it owns. And the "alternative" newspapers are intellectually random slackers who often miss these things to expose in Cleveland, preferring to concentrate on oddball sensational "news" items, and 3 pages stories about minor matters that should be one paragraph at most. "SWEENEY BACKS SMALLER COUNCIL" is the headline of an August 30 Plain Dealer news story about reducing Cleveland City Council. You should speak out against that, because it would only serve the wealthy and powerful who would then be more easily able to get the smaller number of councilmen to do what they want. Less councilmen to bribe and/or intimidate. Less chance that one or more of the councilmen will be honest and serve the public instead of these wealthy people. Such as Sam Miller (who goes even futher calling for only a regional government of a few politicians he can more easily control), and big businesman Tony George, the waspish, old money, secretive money-man Ed Crawford (they named the Cleveland Crawford museum after him, he's so filthy rich) and, of course Malachi Mixon (all 3 are stated in this Plain Dealer story as wanting a smaller Cleveland City Council). He may deny it, but Mixon, as chairman of the Cleveland Clinic Board of trustees, is indeed representing what the Cleveland Clinic wants.

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