Reader: Judges Story was "Stupid" and "Irresponsible"

When this article ["And the Losers Are..." first appeared several years ago it seemed funny in a non- journalistic-unsuppervised high school-newspaper kind of way. Now it's just stupid and almost irresponsible. Cuyahoga County has an unbelievably overburdened criminal justice system. Judges work extremely hard to move cases through the system and still come up with substantially just resolutions. While I am sure that you could find many lawyers that agree with your comments, the truth is that your entertainment piece simply promotes disrespect for our struggling system. Many Lawyers practicing everyday in the Justice Center could report many positive attributes of the judges you have singled out to embarass and ridicule. Portraying Judges Saffold, McGinty, Matia and Russo as incompetent or crazy is wrong. Why don't you send a reporter to spend a week or two in one of Common pleas Judge's courtrooms? The real story is how these public servants, along with the lawyers, prosecutors, bailiffs and other staff, are working infinitely harder everyday than your staff to decide an endless stream of matters that effect lives and protect the community. Even the worst judge provides a higher public service than this anonymous and largely inaccurate sniping. Anonymous

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