Reader: Tower City is Not Racist; It's Just Doing What it Had to Do

Hi, my name is John Cullen, and I read your article Pragmatic Racism. I don’t really agree with the article and the tone. As a shopper at Tower City myself, I’ve had several bad experiences with black children running buck wild and causing problems at the mall., Now being a citizen of Cleveland, going to public schools in Cleveland, a product of desegregation, being 38 years old, I am not afraid of black people. I am afraid of being assaulted, which I was, when I defended my fiancée from an smartass who happened to be black and with his buddies causing problems. I have a right to go anywhere I want in this city without being harassed. I have a right to walk around without being chased. The kids down there that are causing problems are not white. The kids down there causing problems are not hispanic. The kids down there are not Arabic. What color are they? … For all these parents and activists who think this is racist, Tower City oughtta videotape these children going buck wild, going crazy, and put it on the news. What business is going to stay in business when you have these people scaring away the customers? What person in their right mind would stay in the store when they’re being harassed because of their color. I’m glad they did the policy. I’m glad I can go to Tower City and not have screaming tgeenagers running into me, cursing at me. I got assaulted by one and I happened to toss him across the fountain. I’m an ex-steelworker, I don’t tolerate that nonsense. To sit there and say this is racist, that’s bullshit. Call it what it is: Kids acting out without parental supervision. It exists. We must do something about it. No matter what you’re nationality, if you’re causing problems, ban ‘em.
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