Reader: You Went Soft on Sweeney, Commissioners in Modell Awards

So you mean to say that telling date-rape jokes about Martin Sweeney was being too kind?
An anonymous caller, in response to the 2007 Art Modell Awards I just read your article about those Modell Awards in the Scene magazine. First and foremost, I think you went a little too easy on Martin Sweeney and those three a-holes they call the county commissioners. If you’re gonna bash those four people, you really should bash them with the intent of bashing them. Okay? There’s really nothing funny about those four dickheads. It’s serious business. All four of them all deserve to have their thumbs taken out of their ass and taken to school. Let me just get down and dirty: Those four guys are fucking assholes. They don’t deserve any kind of print in any kind of magazine. Okay? You’re wasting your time and your talents on those four fucking assholes. But in the future, if you need to bash those four fucking assholes, do it right. Do it the right way. Thank you, sir.
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