Reddit Features Former Akron Meth Cook

Tools of the trade.
  • Tools of the trade.

This spring we took you on a guided tour of Akron's meth world, a culture of backroom chemistry sets churning out a nonstop supply of one of the most addictive drugs you can put up your nose or into your arms or down your lungs.

This stuff is pretty terrible, and putting a magnifying glass to the damage meth does to the lives of unfortunate addicts and cooks is enough to turn your stomach. But the real take-away from the feature is that meth is really happening everywhere, Akron's law enforcement team just has decided to dump an admirable amount of energy into wiping out illegal labs.

But for a look from inside the subculture, jump on over to Reddit, where the web site has an “Ask Me Anything” with a former meth cook from the 330.

Ask Me Anythings are regular features on Reddit where the site administrators confirm the identity of an individual, then throw open the doors to curious commentators. This section's cook is actually one of the meth scene's few happy endings: After two stints in jail, the anonymous user is now clean, has custody of his kid, and is working on a geology degree at U of Akron.

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