Regular Season Battle to Pay Attention To: Hafner's Right Arm vs. Pavano's Right Arm


I don't want this to happen. I really don't. But it's bound to. Sometime during this year Travis Hafner's right arm is going to fall off. The same goes for Carl Pavano. I wish and hope that I am wrong.

The match-up today: Whose arm flies farther.

Consider location, first of all. Travis Hafner will either be at the plate or in the on-deck circle. When his limb dislodges there's a high degree of probability that nothing will impede its flight path. You'll be in the middle of a beer and a hot dog, look down for a second, and suddenly catch a spinning projectile out of the corner of your eye. At first glance, you'll think it's his bat. Then you'll see the exposed tendons and blood and realize it is his arm. Most likely, it will land somewhere in the shallow outfield as the umps debate on the proper rule for limb-in-play situation. Heaven forbid it lands in the stands. The scars of the unfortunate soul whose lap is the landing spot will not soon be forgotten.

As for Pavano, he'll either be on the mound or warming up in the bullpen. In each case, there's something to stop the forward momentum of the limb. Either the catcher, the ump, the batter, the bullpen wall, or the backstop will serve to keep the tattered arm from flying further.

My guess: Hafner's arm will travel further, but Pavano's arm may do more harm.

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