Report: Charlie Sheen is Coming to Game 7

Joining a host of other Tribe fans making the World Series their first appearance at Jacobs Field all year (no, we non-ticket holders aren't bitter, swearsies), Charlie Sheen is coming to Cleveland to watch the Indians and Cubs this evening. Yippee.

There are few things more annoying than the derelict grappling his way into the spotlight by stuffing his bag with Ricky Vaughn halloween costume apparel (and his smokes, apparently).

Sorta more annoying? According to TMZ:

Our source tells us Sheen's been given tickets to the game, and his benefactors are hoping to get him a prime seat, just a few rows behind the Indians dugout. Translation: TV face time.

We're also told there are plans to have Charlie meet with some of the Cleveland Cavaliers — since they've actually won a championship already.
Does Charlie Sheen need benefactors? Jesus. At least it's one less Cubs fan in the door.

(Update here: ESPN reports that the duo is none other than Bobby George and Tony Madalone, the guy behind Fresh Brewed Tees.)

There was a predictable but hopefully non-earnest groundswell to have Sheen throw out a ceremonial first pitch during the playoffs. There's exactly zero chance the team would acquiesce to such demands (even though they're not above the occasional PR blunder).

One upside to his cross-country travel: Maybe one less shot of John Cusack or Bill Murray in the stands tonight.

And as for his supposed meet-up with the Cavs, if they can withstands the negative energies of the Kardashians, they surely can't be brought down by Ricky.

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