Rest Easy, Danny Glover — Hugo Boss Plant To Remain Open

Id like to think this is how Danny Glover negotiates.
  • I'd like to think this is how Danny Glover negotiates.

Late last night, representatives of Workers United SEIU and Hugo Boss reached an agreement to keep the plant open, saving hundreds from hitting the unemployment line.

It's been a tumultuous couple of months for workers at the Brooklyn plant. Hugo Boss wanted to shutter the plant and ship the jobs to somewhere cheaper, but thanks to negotiations, and Danny Glover, who lent his celebrity status to the cause in frequent stops in Cleveland, the planned April 27th closing was averted.

A joint statement released after the agreement said, “Hugo Boss Cleveland is pleased with the result that makes the Cleveland facility more globally competitive. Our employees are important to the company and the future success of the facility.”

What it didn't say, but could be inferred easily, is that everyone's thrilled with Danny Glover's hard work. The actor, who was arrested at a protest in Maryland earlier this month, had urged fellow actors to boycott Hugo Boss suits for the Oscars. With this crisis now behind him, glamorous Hollywood stars can go back to wearing Hugo Boss whenever they would like. Which was the point of this thing, right?

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