Rob Frost: Cuyahoga County's Own Gossip Girl

Frost: Hey guys, Im trying out this new soulless Channing Tatum look. Dig?
  • Frost: "Hey guys, I'm trying out this new 'soulless Seann William Scott' look. Dig?"

Cuyahoga County Republican Party Chairman Rob Frost, who backed out of the GOP race for 9th Congressional District seat in 2011 when he saw Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher's formidable buttcrack at a tea party luncheon, recently slammed County executive Ed FitzGerald in a gossipy email to GOP county officials statewide, reports the PD.

Frost accuses FitzGerald, who is considering a gubernatorial bid against Kasich in 2014, of being a slimeball baddie in the mould of fellow Dems Jimmy Dimora and Frank Russo, and even includes side-by-side photos of the three (these Republicans are real visual types, see? Remember George W.’s “one of the great things about books is sometimes there are fantastic pictures” groaner? Central committee Republicans feel the same way about Frost's emails, except usually there are playmates.) Frost’s photo caption allies FitzGerald with “the same corrupt Democrat Cleveland machine that lied, embezzled, and stole while they were in office.” He prefaces his hissy mudslinging romp with the wholesome entreaty “I just want you to know who your dealing with” [sic].

County Democratic chair Stu Garson retorted with a slightly more grammatical defense of FitzGerald's opposition to voter-approved county reform and a rosy reminder of the county's budget surplus for 2012-2013.

FitzGerald’s plummy recent campaign hires, advisers Aaron Pickrell (senior adviser for Obama’s 2012 Ohio campaign) and Sarah Slavik (deputy finance director for Sherrod Brown’s successful re-election run), indicate that the County executive and former Lakewood Mayor is mounting a serious Democratic challenge to Republican incumbent Kasich. How serious? Serious enough to merit multiple intensifiers: FitzGerald told reporters he’s “very, very serious about it.” Dude, that’s a lotta serious! Chill out! Crack a Natty Ice and stream some Tim and Eric! It’s not like the GOP is assassinating you in mass emails! Oh, wait…

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