Ron Paul Wouldn't Actually Give Dennis Kucinich a Cabinet Post

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U.S. News and World Report says that during a breakfast with the press Wednesday morning, Libertarian GOP Ron Paul said he'd consider giving Dennis! Kucinich a Cabinet post should Paul win the Presidency. Maybe State or Defense. While Paul and Dennis! seem to have a mutual respect, and while diametrically opposed on some issues (taxes), together on others (war, civil liberties), the shoutout was a joke. You could tell as much as Paul elaborated.

"Secretary of Peace. The Department of Peace is what he promotes. The Department of Peace. Believe me there is a lot more prosperity with peace."

Reporters not at the breakfast heard the quip and followed up with Paul staffers, who quickly went into "That was a joke. Please don't misconstrue that as anything but a joke. He was joking. That was not serious" mode.

"Ron works with Dennis on some coalition issues, and respects him as a thinker, but was joking and would not consider him for Cabinet position. He made clear he did not want to name Cabinet officials," spokesman Jesse Benton told the newspaper.

Seriously. People of America, Dennis! Kucinich will not get a Cabinet post. We promise.

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