Sandusky Cop Goes Wild on St. Pats, Taunts Gunman

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You thought your St. Pats was bad?
  • You thought your St. Pats was bad?

If you spend a lot of time sniffing through local news, you might have noticed the residents of Sandusky are filling the headlines up with a lot of bizarre behavior as of late. Enough so that our team of crack media analysts at the Scene Institute for Batshit Insane Crime Stories have openly postulated Sandusky might be the new Lorain.

That theory is getting a little more traction in academic circles now that the Sandusky police department is also front and center for mayhem. The department was recently caught up in a weird three-way sex scandal complete with sexting, wife swaps, steroids and gun standoffs. Now, another officer has left the department after an off-duty incident on St. Patrick’s Day.

According to the Register
, Officer Jody Showalter wasn’t much fun to be around on Saturday. You know the guy we’re talking about, the one who lets the Irish thing get the best of his Jameson-clouded mind, wants to fight everyone, taunts gunmen. Right? Everybody loves to be around that guy.

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