The Jigsaw Saloon and Stage opened briefly for a Lucky Paws Animal Rescue fundraiser this past weekend, but the storied restaurant-nightclub remains closed for day-to-day business for the third week. Monday, the Cuyahoga County Board of Health suspended the club’s food service license, citing an overdue renewal. Disappointed fans of the Parma institution reported seeing cleaning crews in the restaurant last week, but nothing resembling the promised “management training” yet. And the owners’ financial troubles seem no closer to resolution (“The Jig Is Up,” March 18).

Akron’s Black Keys, the area’s current ambassadors to the rock world at large, still haven’t been paid for two sold-out January shows at the Agora Theatre, which is being managed by a partnership between founder Hank LoConti and Jigsaw owner Phil Lara. With 3,800 tickets sold, the band should have received a $50,000 payday. The Keys filed suit against the Agora on March 3.

A big chunk of the tickets were sold through Ticketmaster, which can hold funds for up to three weeks. Nearly two months after the show, a Cleveland judge instructed the Agora to pay the band by March 20. As of March 23rd, the venue had yet to deliver the funds.

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