Scene: Racist Hypocrites

What, pray tell, does this sentence mean: " No one envisioned that the civil-rights leaders of the era . . . behaved as callously as any redneck when it came time to back up their promise"? ["Black on Black Crime," February 21] Oh, so "rednecks" -- whites, in other words -- can blithely be characterized as callous? Good to know. Would you like to see an article saying something like " no one envisioned that the whites would act as stupidly as niggers" or some such? Your paper is so full of garbage. You preach race issues, week in and week out, but you are complete hypocrites. You seem to think its OK to use sterestypes and slurs against whites. Please. In the city of Cleveland, if you havent noticed, whites are the minority. If you had any balls (I'm talking to Kotz here, not Rab) you would be calling for minorty set-asides for them. Hell, you may also consider calling for equal employment opportunities and set asides for minorites on the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Browns -- on both teams, whites are disproportionately underrepresnted. At a minimum, keep your dumb racist comments to yourself. If you're too chicken to use the word "nigger" -- a policy I agree with -- you shouldnt use the word redneck either. And you should certainly stay away from your disgusting stereotypes. Anonymous email
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