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… and sick bastard and race-baiting bigot and hypocrite and good friend of Ohio gubernatorial candidate John Kasich!

Over-under on combined IQ: 130.
  • Over-under on combined IQ: 130.
"If every American … got to read those daily briefings, those threat assessments that your read every day, do you think they'd have a different view of you, the job, the pressure?"

"Do you think there's a certain destiny — because I know you're a man of deep faith — is it destiny, or can you aspire to be president?"

"Mr. President, would you mind autographing my copy of the Iraq War Resolution? Could you write, like, 'let's roll' or 'dead or alive' or something awesome like that? It's for my, um, nephew. Sean."

Don't watch this video of Hannity hanging out with President Bush while eating. Part 2 is here.

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