Seven Hills Councilman Files Complaint Against Newsletter Authors

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In this week’s episode of Suburban Election Shenanigans, we cast our attention to that most familiar arena of civic ridiculousness, Seven Hills.

It was there that folks got riled up earlier this summer when a group of six citizens put out a newsletter claiming city officials hire and promote their friends and generally screw up city finances in bountiful ways. Among those targeted was Mayor David Bentkowski, who recently abandoned his post for a state job but is running for an at-large council seat anyway, to ensure an uninterrupted line of irritation to his Seven Hills constituents.

Longtime readers of Scene may remember Bentkowski, the Bizarre Boy Mayor whose tenure will be remembered for such noble achievements as ruling the city from the Mayoral Bedroom of his parents’ house, writing a book about his wonderfulness, collecting Superman toys in between city business, and unsuccessfully suing a certain weekly newspaper over its alleged sense of humor.

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