Sheffield Lake Human Trafficking Investigation Ends Quickly After Police Discover Grandmother Just Makes Really Lifelike Dolls

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“I said, well do you want to see what it is you’re investigating? So I bring him the baby and he just got this big grin,” Kathy Cadle told an investigating police officer.

The big grin came when the cop saw the doll.

You see, Kathy Cadle and her sister Rachel Smith sell lifelike baby dolls — so lifelike, in fact, that someone had told the cops that Cadle was selling actual babies. And so Cadle was interrupted one recent evening when her boyfriend told her there was a cop at the door who wanted to talk to her.

“(The cop said), ‘There’s a report of you selling a baby.’ I said, ‘Are you kidding me?’” she told the Chronicle-Telegram. The officer, Sgt. Frank Goscewski, told the grandmother that he "had been investigating her and talking to friends of hers 'for the better part of the day.'”

He could have just Googled them, it turns out.

The sisters run a business called Bunny Bundles Reborns. Individually created out of vinyl and retailing at about $550, the dolls are also donated to nursing homes to help with therapy for Alzheimer's patients.

Cadle says the mix up likely happened when their ads were posted to a third party site that stripped much of the explanation of what the business was.

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