Shocking Revelation: Reporter Catches Marc Dann Using the S-word!

Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann just can’t seem to catch a break. Last month, a reporter from the Dayton Daily News broke a story exposing dirty words in Marc Dann’s internal office e-mail conversations [First Punch, November 21]. The story seemed a bit anti-climactic, considering the reporter combed through 4,300 e-mails, only to find one use of the word “MF’er” – not even spelled out -- and an instance in which Dann compared a negative editorial about him to the crucifixion of Jesus. For a guy whose job entails tackling corruption in the most perfidious state west of Sicily, we’re pretty sure Christ would understand. Yet a Youngstown Vindicator reporter wasn’t satisfied. Political correspondent David Skolnick went a step further last week, peering inside Dann’s personal e-mail on Yahoo, no doubt expecting a treasure trove of itemized bribes, frank conversations about lesbianism, perhaps even the word “MF’er” spelled out. Alas, Skolnick’s revelations were about as scandalous as a Mitch Albom book signing. The most shocking was Dann’s reference to the office computer system as “shit.” In another, he described one of his employees as “weird.” The stories spoke less about Dann than the Vindicator’s need for a new political correspondent. “I don’t get the point,” says spokesman Leo Jennings. “If Marc Dann gets frustrated and wants to say goddamnit, it shouldn’t be the focus of the media for four days.” Compiling e-mail requests for reporters takes so much legwork, says Jennings, that he’s instituting an informal office policy requiring that staffers meet face-to-face. “You know what? Get off your butt and go over to the next office and talk about what you need to talk about,” Jennings says. “Everyone’s become way too dependant on e-mail.” Government officials getting off their asses? Now there’s a story. – Jared Klaus
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