Shooting at Columbus Uber-Mall Easton

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Thats a big mall.
  • That's a big mall.

Columbus, as any true-blue Clevelander knows, is a nice town. Too nice. Outside of OSU’s big, fratty sprawl, the state capital is about as exciting as a sneeze. That said, topping the list of reasons to stop by our southern neighbor is the area’s very own Emerald City just north of city proper, a retail Mecca fielding hordes of adoring pilgrims: Easton Town Center

The huge shrink-wrapped, chain-store choked, Mulberry-aping Easton is an uber-mall, a veritable shine to consumer spending, so much so that the site reportedly made the short-list of possible attack sites for Al Qaeda. Unfortunately, the mall was the scene of gun violence this weekend. And the people of Easton are not exactly acting like Good Upstanding Citizens in the wake of the incident.

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