Shred Those Abs the Winslow Way!

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In an interview with Stack, Kellen Winslow Jr. explains that Miami was a compromise with Sr.
The Plain Dealer ran a short profile yesterday of Stack, a locally produced national magazine that targets high-school athletes with tips on training and nutrition, straight from the pros and big-time college programs. Surfing the site, you'll come across the sweat equity of Peyton Manning, Allen Iverson, and, plucked right from our own backyard, Kellen Winslow, Jr.! Stack interviewed Winslow about his “core” training (which, thankfully, has nothing to do with motorcycles). It's a pretty decent sit-down. Most iron-head mags feature latently queer photo spreads and piles of empty quotes. But Winslow’s take on the greatness of squats and his secret for a good “physioball reverse crunch” take a back seat to some fan-boy details from his recruiting experiences: Miami was a compromise, we’re told; Kellen Jr. wanted the University of Washington and Kellen Sr. was pulling for Michigan State. We also learn about the source of his sometimes flag-worthy intensity -- that every time he levels a safety who’s been grabbing him all game, that’s Mom, not the All-Pro dad, leading with the helmet. There’s video available, too, if you want to see what the crap a physioball looks like (or if you’ve just always secretly fantasized about some one-on-one boot camp from The Soldier™ himself). – Jason Nedley
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