SI calls Quinn Holdout "Dumbest in History"

Brady Quinn to Browns: “Chuckie Frye comes cheap. Beefcake like this don’t.”
C-Notes thinks Sports Illustrated’s Peter King is the best writer pro football’s ever had, though we’re not crazy about his indulgent tendency to grade training-camp food. Still, for the record, he dug our chow. “If only the Browns played as well as they cooked,” he wrote. Here’s another tasty morsel from his trip to Browns camp:
I think the Brady Quinn holdout is one of the dumbest holdouts in NFL history. And that's really saying something, given the idiocy of some of these work stoppages we've seen recently. The Browns and Tom Condon, Quinn's agent, have just about reached an agreement on the overall dollars and package -- now it's haggling over guarantees, many of which Quinn is going to receive regardless of how well or poorly he does, since this team is not going to cut the golden boy quarterback after a crummy year or two. Sometimes holdouts make sense, sometimes they’re stupid. This one is definitely the latter.
Speaking, also, of stupid: Jacksonville just signed Tim Couch. Let the buyer beware. - Jason Nedley
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