Six Ohio Teens Beat Man Due to Boredom

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  • Menace.

This is some pretty disturbing Clockwork Orange stuff coming up from Cincinnati. According to reports making the rounds in both statewide and national news outlets, a group of 13 and 14 year-old boys is currently waiting for a day in court; the crime they’re accused of committing is the vicious beating of a 45-year-old man. The soul depleting-angle on this whole deal is the reason behind the assault — the kids were allegedly just trying to fill up some empty time in their day planner.

Six boys were indicted by a Hamilton County grand jury last week, each picking up a felonious assault and aggravated rioting charge. Prosecutors are trying to stick the kids with a “serious youthful offender” tag, which means they’d be subject to actual prison time.

The charges stem from the beating of Pat Mahaney in early August. According to Newsnet5, the man was returning to his home in the Cincinnati ‘burb of North College Hill with a sixer of beer when the adolescent fury descended.

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