Smoking Ban Unconstitutional

We're pretty sure Wesley Snipes would be pissed about the smoking ban
One of my favorite sci-fi guy flicks is Demolition Man starring Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes. It is an action packed movie where both good guy/cop Stallone and bad guy/criminal Snipes find themselves in a future in which all of man's favorite vices, from salty foods to sex, is denied by an overly moralistic and intrusive government. Good guy and bad guy alike quickly find themselves at odds with a society that fines a person simply for uttering a curse word. While I greatly enjoyed this movie, I remembered thinking to myself, "My God, I could never function in such an uptight society!" Of course, being a science fiction movie, I never seriously considered that my beloved America, the land of the free, would actually turn into such an oppressive society. However, with the new smoking ban, my worst fears of losing my personal liberties seem to be coming true. I firmly believe that allowing a majority of voters to dictate to the minority how to live is mobocracy in its worst form. The last time I checked, our nation was a republic, designed to prevent this very kind of mob rule, as argued in Federalist Paper # 10. I will argue with anyone that telling me I cannot smoke a cigar with a beer at one of my favorite bars, or that I can no longer enjoy smoking a hookah in one of my old favorite hookah shops, is a deprivation of my personal liberty without due process. Just as Abraham Lincoln observed after the Dred Scott decision that the people will decide Scott to be free, I argue that despite any court rulings upholding smoking bans, we the people will decide such bans to violate our personal liberties and pursuit of happiness. This law must not be obeyed! Even before the ban there was already non smoking establishments catering to nonsmokers, so the people already had a choice. To simply force smoke-free establishments on everyone just to appease nonsmokers is inherently wrong. As a man who served his country honorably for four years in the United States Marine Corps, I refuse to accept a law that deprives me of the enjoyment of a cigar with my beer at the bar or a hookah at the local hookah shop. This law must not be obeyed! This smoking ban proves the old adage that "if you give them an inch, they take a mile." My fellow smokers, this ban is just the beginning of the loss of our personal liberties. It was not that long ago when nonsmokers kicked us out of public buildings. Now, thanks to the ban, we can no longer smoke in privately owned bars and to top it off, we now have to stand 20 feet away from the buildings we have been banned from, regardless if there are appropriate shelters built for our harsh Ohio winters and rainy seasons. I can't tell you how proud this freedom-loving cigar smoker is every time I walk by the doors to the law school and see all of those cigarette butts on the ground while the outdoor ashtray moved 20 feet away is empty. To all of you do-gooder nonsmokers, good luck enforcing this ridiculous oppressive part of the ban! This kind of resistance is the only way that this ban will ever have a chance of going away, just as the American people resisted the similarly ill-advised prohibition of the 1920's. This law must not be obeyed! Thanks to you smoking ban advocates, I will soon find myself in an oppressive do-gooder future, much like Stallone and Snipes in Demolition Man, in which I am denied all of my favorite vices and personal liberties. That is a future that I want no part of. Chuck Northcutt North Ridgeville
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