Snow Plow Stolen, City Can't Find It

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University Hts. needs help retrieving one of these.
  • University Hts. needs help retrieving one of these.

If you see that your neighbor has a snow plow stuffed in his garage lately, please call University Heights. They have one that's gone missing and they can't find it.

Sun News reports that on either December 10 or 11, someone stole a city vehicle with a snow plow attached worth $27,000 from the city service department. The thief had a hell of a time getting the plow out of the city's service yard and caused $1,500 of damage to a gate.

It's been almost two weeks and University Heights police tells Scene they haven't found the snow plow yet. This appears to embarrass the police department somewhat: Scene asked for a description of the vehicle but the police haven't called us back with that information.

We were just trying to help put the word out. We assume it might snow someday and University Heights might want that plow back.

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