Sokolowski’s Hosts Pierogi Dance Party Tonight


You’d expect to find pierogies at Sokolowski’s University Inn. But you’d probably expect them to be accompanied by polkas not cutting-edge electronic dance music. But that’s what two young DJs, who called themselves Xhausen and Sputnik, have been bringing to the venerable Tremont restaurant., which has been dishing up traditional eastern European food since 1923. They’ve already done two of their Pierogi Dance Parties, with a third booked for tonight.

“We try to cover a lot of ground with music, but it’s pretty much all electronic music,” says Xhausen. “You have to gauge what people are going to be into and play what they want to hear, but also play what you want to. If I play something underground it’s probably real late or real early. At Pierogi Dance Party you want to make people happy. It’s got to have a lot of energy and fun and nothing too intellectual.”

The duo also brings visuals to overlay the take-grandma-to-lunch ambiance of the place. Because today’s Friday the 13th, tonight’s Pierogi Dance Party will feature quick cuts of Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th movies, intriguingly juxtaposed with footage of people working in the restaurant. (No, there won’t be blood and body parts in the pierogies). They’re inviting people to come wearing Jason masks.

“Every single kill Jason has made will be tastefully put inside working footage,” says Xhausen, who filmed the restaurant footage himself. “I’m not into gore, but Jason has always been weird on a subliminal level to me.”

The event starts at 10 p.m., and there’s no cover. Pierogies will be available for purchase.

Go to the event's Facebook page for more information. — Anastasia Pantsios

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