Solon Man Thought His Dad Was Held Hostage, Paid $900 in Phone Scam

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Solon Man Thought His Dad Was Held Hostage, Paid $900 in Phone Scam
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A 22-year-old Solon man who thought his father was being held hostage was duped out of more than $900 in a phone scam earlier this month.

On April 18, the man, who was in Pennsylvania at the time, received a call from perpetrators claiming to be holding a gun to his father's head, a Solon police report stated. The callers said they would only release the man's father if he drove to a nearby Walmart and wired a $900 ransom to someone camped out in Puerto Rico. 

Conned out of exactly $911.50 (with service fees), the 22-year-old was convinced of the scheme's legitimacy because the perpetrators were calling him by his first name.

The incident allegedly took place over the course of five hours, and apparently at no point during the entire duration did the young man think to call, ask to speak to or text his father to ensure there was actually a gun being pressed to his head. Only after he transferred nearly a grand to an offshore account did the man reach out to his dad, who was actually quite safe and at work.
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