Some Trump Delegates Bringing Guns to RNC: "We're Talking About ISIS"

click to enlarge Some Trump Delegates Bringing Guns to RNC: "We're Talking About ISIS"
A group of Pennsylvania delegates tied to Donald Trump's candidacy have announced plans to bring guns to the Republican National Convention, according to this report from Mother Jones

Remember that, yes, guns are allowed within the RNC "event zone." (BB guns, paintball guns and water guns, though? Nope.) James Klein, a pro-Trump delegate from the Harrisburg area, tells MJ that they won't be bringing their guns into the convention hall itself.

"But," he says, "there's the hotels. There's going to be dinners."

Klein, who self-identifies as "an academic and a theorist," says that if he were "an ISIS guy," he'd be particularly interested in attacking the RNC. That sounds like projection to us, but, hey, we're not the academics here.

"We're talking about ISIS," Klein tells MJ. "We're talking about people who have shown a propensity for violence."

Here's more:
"There are a whole bunch of things happening: You go to various events, receptions, whatever, outside the convention hall," says Ash Khare, a delegate from the northwest corner of the state who applied for a concealed carry permit in preparation for Cleveland. "And you walk on the streets and, you know, people know that you are a delegate, and who knows what the crazy people are going to do? So you've got to be vigilant about what's going on and prepare yourself."
Now, of course, this crowd surely isn't the only one that's planning on toting their guns around the RNC later this month. They just happened to get picked up by Mother Jones.

With that in mind, indeed, remain vigilant and don't make direct eye contact with delegates packing heat. If possible, place some flat tax rate literature on the nearest surface and back away slowly.

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