Someone Broke Into a Medical Office in Bath and Performed a Procedure of Some Sorts

The scene of a break-in at a doctor's office in Bath Township looked more like a game of Operation than a crime. The puzzling facts: Nothing stolen. Used medical equipment.

The UH Ghent Family Practice was the scene of the crime. Someone entered and left behind used operating tools and surgical clothes, according to NewsNet5.

Employees told police nothing was actually taken, but it appeared someone came in to perform a procedure. From the looks of the items tossed around, it looks like someone did something to an ear.

This is some straight up Jason Bourne stuff.

Police say the suspects, if caught, will at least face breaking and entering charges. Other charges such as performing medicine without a license will be considered depending on just who all was involved.

In the meantime, University Hospitals has released a statement:

UH’s Ghent Family Practice management team learned earlier this month about unauthorized access to the practice facility. This was reported to the Bath Township Police.

The police along with UH management are investigating what happened during this incident; there is no confirmation at the moment about misuse of equipment or supplies.
The safety of our patients and employees is a high priority for UH. UH is cooperating fully with local authorities to learn more and ensure the safety of this practice. 

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