Someone Probably Involved in the Muni Lot Sex Tape Doesn't Want People to See the Muni Lot Sex Tape


It certainly has been a busy week for off-the-field Browns news. There was the fan who celebrated the game-winning touchdown in the endzone Sunday and was promptly arrested. There was the drunk fan in the Muni Lot who stripped to his underwear, challenged an amateur tailgating DJ to a fight, and lost. There was the fan who was ejected from the stadium for "excessive standing."

And then there was the Muni Lot blowjob video, which captured two amorous and possibly intoxicated lovers getting frisky behind an RV trailer in plain sight of the amateur photographer and anyone who happened to be driving on the shoreway at that moment.

The video has since been deleted by the YouTube user, but it hasn't been lost to the ether of blackout concrete parking lot memories yet. Deadspin has a copy of its own, which is still up.

Yesterday they published an email correspondence (bottom of page) with someone who had contacted them asking to have the video removed. Subject: Defamation of Character. It's readily apparent that one of the participants in the amorous activities is the sender. Full transcript after the jump.

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