Sour Note

Letters published March 31, 2004

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Sour Note
Tart words from a dissatisfied customer:
This is in response to "Like a Hurricane," the article on the Neil Young concert at the Convocation Center [March 10]. Had I known his "concert" was going to be a musical, I would have spent my $100 elsewhere. Neil Young is a legend. And, yes, he does need his classic songs, which is why I paid the money and why most people attended.

Not a single person stood during his music-movie presentation. Did he not notice? Not until he finally graced us with an encore of songs that "he doesn't have to play" did people become interested. This was the only time people stood and rocked the house.

I realize artists have the freedom to explore new avenues and should. But, Mr. Young, next time do it with your own $100, and remember why most of us pay to see a legend.

Amy Iwanski

God Knows
We're all bozos on this bus:
I wonder if the individuals who wrote in response to Robert Wilonsky's article "Suffer Unto Mel" recognized their condescending tone ["Letters," March 10]. Although I understand they were simply commenting on his journalistic style and not trying to push their own views upon Mr. Wilonsky and your readers (heh, hmm), they still seemed to be a bit holier-than-thou.

To Ms. Bazzerelli, the statement that Jesus "plainly" died for our sins makes me feel a bit simple. Virtually nothing in this world is plain to me, save that I didn't deserve that ticket I got on I-90 and that the Cavs are going to win the next seven NBA championships. Granted, my intellect obviously pales in comparison to yours, which sees as "plain" a complex issue over which hundreds of wars have been fought. But please try not to look down on me for that. I'm also crappy at algebra.

To Mr. Ray, as someone who "refuses" to believe, I wonder if when I reach the fiery pits of hell, I will meet some of the other damned sinners who are spending eternity there -- like Gandhi. But what if -- despite what you have been taught since infancy -- you might not understand the intricate workings of the universe any better than the rest of us?

William Woerner

Their Bad
Follow the drivel:
In response to "Hype Dream," March 10: The real sad part about WOIO is that it's not just a morbid curiosity, and it's not going away anytime soon. Northeast Ohioans have already proven they'll follow the worst drivel on the air. If you don't believe me, try explaining Trivisonno's numbers.

Michael Blackwell

Power Down
Take the heat off FirstEnergy:
I'm puzzled at how Pete Kotz came to his conclusions about Pete Burg in the article "Tale of Two Thieves" [January 21]. I'm certain Kotz never met Burg, yet he had no problem calling him a thief. It showed an incredible amount of insensitivity to his family and friends, who were mourning his death. It was just a real hateful and insensitive approach.

I work at FirstEnergy; I knew Pete Burg personally. He was a very generous man and did good works for major nonprofit organizations. He did it quietly, because he did not want any undue fanfare.

Kotz should have checked his facts on the "commoner" item. Given the size of our company, there is no practical way for the CEO to personally speak to everyone who gets laid off. In regard to deregulation, our company negotiated the terms with many interested parties involved. There is an incredible amount of scrutiny that comes from PUCO before a case is ever decided. A big difference in numbers between one analysis and another does not make the lower numbers correct.

Most of our residential customers pay about $2.50 per day. That may be higher than in other parts of the state, but the price has remained stable for many years. Does Kotz really think that we are purposely screwing our customers out of billions of dollars each year just to line our pockets with cash?

No one was injured by the condition that occurred at Davis-Besse. We found the problem, and we are correcting the problem. I believe it is safe to say that our maintenance procedures were off, in order for something so important to go unnoticed. But I think there is a significant distinction between maintenance procedures that missed a big problem and ". . . maintenance neglect."

I have read Scene for many years, and I know which way it leans when it comes to business. It's no surprise that Kotz is critical of my company. But I still cannot believe he would stoop so low as to publish such a spiteful criticism of a man who had died just a week before.

Mick Pera

Strange Bedfellows
No fun at this party:
If John Farina believes in Republicans, he shouldn't switch parties over a little thing like a ban on gay marriage ["The Enemy Within," March 3]. He won't feel at home with the Democrats if he was comfortable in a party full of racists, sexists, un-Christian Christians, corporate criminals, borrow-and-spenders, chicken hawks, short-sighted tax-burden-shifters, warmongers, and stupid right-wing talk-show hosts.

Besides, if he read the small print, he would see that some gay marriages would be legal. Gay Republicans would be allowed to marry other gay Republicans, provided they are of different sexes. For example, John Farina could get hitched to Candice Gingrich, and Dick Cheney's daughter could marry Matt Drudge.

Jeff Fritz

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