Step Right Up

Letters published December 31, 2003

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Step Right Up
The statesman speaks: You said I look like George W. Bush and I dressed in a sharp pin-striped suit ["The War at Home," December 10]. Great work -- if you were a fashion reporter.

But candidate Ed Herman actually said, "At this stage of the game, all you have to do is be nice and not piss anybody off." His quote speaks volumes. Leadership isn't about trying not to piss people off.

I have a platform. While Ed is practicing how to be a politician and say things that are politically expedient, I will continue to show leadership and resolve for family values, smaller government, lower taxes, and the kind of vision for America that will turn the ship around and make Greater Cleveland great again.

This won't come from a politician like Herman. It will come from a Republican statesman like me, who's unafraid to lead and defend our belief systems and the family values that this nation was founded on. Meanwhile, Ed can continue to be the Golden Boy of the Liberal Press. I simply will be earning the Republican nomination.

Bruce Cobbeldick
Bay Village

Double your pleasure: It is good that Scene is taking interest in the upcoming Republican primary. Unfortunately, it was bad that Chris Maag's interview of the candidates who attended the Strongsville Republican Club meeting only gave access to those two candidates. There are two other announced candidates, myself and Matt Webb.

Every publication serving the four congressional districts of Northeast Ohio has the privilege -- and I would say duty -- of interviewing all of the candidates, doing a profile of each, and endorsing the one it finds best qualified to represent the people.

Bill Smith

Smarting over smarts: Chris Maag obviously didn't take much time to get to know Bruce Cobbeldick before trying to paint him as a high-priced Republican. Cobbeldick is a family man who drives a Ford and works hard, just like his future constituents. I know this is hard for many people to believe, but not all conservatives pull down a six-figure salary.

Maag apparently doesn't realize that Cobbeldick's "verbal barrage" of his résumé is the most effective way for Bruce to get across his leadership experience. There is no way you can match a few days spent with Herman to a few sentences with Cobbeldick.

Lastly, Maag apparently didn't look in the mirror before he painted both the President and Cobbeldick as not being the brightest bulbs on the tree. I realize this was written for a fairly liberal paper with a liberal reader base, but on what basis can Maag judge Bush or Cobbeldick's intelligence? Maag may have gone to Columbia's journalism school (hotbed of the liberal elite media), but I don't exactly hear his name mentioned for a Pulitzer.

Justin Thomas

Save Cleveland, elect a capitalist: Greater Clevelanders bemoan the "Quiet Crisis" and the loss of jobs and talent to other parts of the country, but they continue to reelect Dennis Kucinich and his political ilk.

It comes down to what a representative's priorities are once he's in Washington. Dennis is probably a decent guy, but it's likely he has no idea how wealth and economic growth can be created. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce awards Kucinich a deplorable 20 percent positive rating, based on his voting record. Hell, Bernie Sanders, the Socialist from Vermont, was given 17 percent.

Kucinich supporters can scream "people over profits" all they'd like, but in the meantime, Tampa, Las Vegas, Dallas, and other forward-thinking, business-friendly regions will continue to eat our lunch.

Maybe Ed Herman's the guy. But personally, I'd like to see retired McDonald Investments CEO Bill Summers or Tim Mueller, a successful entrepreneur who's now part of Jane Campbell's administration, run for Kucinich's seat.

David Dalton

Enough, Already
Readers just wanna read stories: I cherish the fact that we have the chance to read news from sources other than The Plain Dealer. A lot of cities don't have that option. Every week, I pick up both Scene and the Free Times. Since the Free Times has been back, both you and they have tried your damnedest to discredit and be just plain snotty about each other in First Punch and The Nose. It looks really petty and juvenile. It makes me not want to read either.

Please, for the sake of your readers, concentrate on your stories, and let the Free Times concentrate on theirs. Let the readers decide what they want and how they want it. In the spirit of fairness, I am sending this to The Free Times as well.

Kelly Elliott
Cleveland Heights

Some More for Summit
Hitler probably pulled the wings off flies: I recently obtained a copy of Scene's October 22 issue and read "House of Horrors." Are there no morals or righteousness amongst the people who live there? How can anyone in their right mind read that and not do something about it?

This is how mass murderers get started, getting off by killing innocent animals. I want justice served for all the animals that have shed their blood and died under this monster's orders. What kind of police and investigators do you have leading this case, or is there even a case anymore? Something needs to be done to stop this maniac from doing this anymore.

Erin McDonald
Eden, NY

Glenn James needs a taste of his own medicine: I was absolutely appalled when I read the article "House of Horrors." I'm a volunteer at a county-run dog shelter and can tell you there is no need for things to be handled in such a cruel and inhumane way. The animals that come into these shelters are already neglected and unwanted; they need love and touch, along with proper food, water, and shelter.

This man should be subjected to the same conditions these defenseless creatures are living with. The fact that the county itself is not doing much about this is equally horrifying. The people in this area need to realize that this is where your pet goes if it gets lost or strays away. Do you want your beloved pet in this man's care?

Cindy Sedivy

Those issues speak volumes: Thanks for the enlightening article. I am speechless, upset, and terribly struck with disbelief that this type of treatment is still going on at the shelter. This man Glenn James obviously has some personal issues. He is very angry about something. Why is he not in counseling already?

Keep up the good work.

Charlene Gary
Orlando, FL

It's all the media's fault: What is wrong with you people in the media who just stand by and report what is happening, and don't do anything about it? I always thought the media was a fighter. It really doesn't seem like it to me, not after reading Aina Hunter's story and seeing nothing being done about it.

Can't she go in and take pictures of what is happening to these poor animals? Why doesn't Scene print information about what is happening? It is your job to get people in your community in an uproar about this issue. Where is your backbone? It makes me sick that anyone with this knowledge is letting it slide by, and each day more and more animals are being tortured!

I might be from a little hick town in the middle of Ohio, but if anyone had this type of knowledge, I know for a fact our news people would not be sitting on their butts and saying, "Oh, well." They would be interviewing people, talking to the public, and getting them involved in this horrible, horrible issue!

The media should get off their asses and do something for these poor defenseless animals.

Linda Kennedy

Editor's note: You can register complaints with Summit County Executive James McCarthy by calling 330-643-2627. For information on what you can do to support animal welfare, visit

Thanks for the Memories
Not to mention all the good words: Great article on Calvin and Hobbes ["Missing!" November 26]! It's quite a long time coming, but it's still a pleasant reminder of my childhood and I'm sure of many others'. I always wanted to meet the man behind the cartoon, [ever] since I grew up reading it. It was probably the cause for me wanting to learn more vocabulary, back when I was reading it in grade school.

I agree with all the positive statements you have about Watterson and would be interested in seeing a follow-up article, if any more information is collected.

David Kramp

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