The medical mart/convention center marriage is a no-brainer, huh? No need for competitive bidding? First of its kind!? A win-win?!?! All this and more is finally stinking up the place like the bullshit it always was. Sadly, it’s too late.

Cleveland City Council president Martin Sweeney, ever in deference to the Powers That Be, scheduled a series of no-nonsense-please committee meetings on Monday afternoon, just hours before a final vote to sell the city’s downtown mall site for $20 million to the county, the very last legislative “hurdle” to the county’s med-mart deal.

After Sweeney finished reading the legislation like a drunk auctioneer, county comissioner (and reigning Democratic county boss) Jimmy Dimora cracked, “You’d make a good clerk of council someday. You read well.” Sweeney’s face reddened, and there was nervous laughter all around, as Dimora jiggled like Santa at the expense of one of his chief elves. (You may recall that Sweeney’s first council clerk, Emily Lipovan, resigned a few years back amid complaints of Sweeney’s alleged sexual and religious harassment. Good times.)

Dimora spent a lot of time petting the “august body” for “a job well done,” pointedly adding, “and continued success to all of you in your election bids.” A few nervous cackles: Dimora can influence whether an incumbent’s re-election bid is a cakewalk or a struggle. “And the couple of you that aren’t going to have a ward [due to council downsizing]. Oh well, that’s life.”

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