Strippers Pull It Off: Group has enough signatures to block law -- for now.

If the Stripper Bill becomes law, moments like this might be guys' only chance to see boobs.
The grassroots group Citizens for Community Standards – that's the strippers against the new state law banning lap dances, not the homophobic group of a similar name dedicated to the fight against Josh Groban, overly enthusiastic high-school wrestlers, and other forms of subtle gayness – is one step closer to winning the War on Overreaching Laws That Will Cripple the Glitter Industry. Citizens for Community Standards claims it has well over the 241,366 voters’ signatures required to put the Stripper Bill on the ballot this November. While the Board of Elections determines whether enough of the signatures are valid (i.e., not signed by guys named Tits McGee), the filing of the signatures will temporarily keep the law from going into effect on September 4. So, gentlemen, take your boner down to the nearest strip club while you still can. Because if the law ever does go into effect, you’ll have to actually go out and find a woman willing to take her clothes off for you for free. -- Jared Klaus, who was never this condescending to strip club patrons before he got a girlfriend
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