Strongsville Seniors Re-enact Teachers Strike

Strongsville High School seniors might have looked pretty darn loony as they picketed Lunn Road this morning, were it not for the eight-week precedent set by their teachers.

Celebrating "Senior Memory Day," about 60 members of the seemingly forsaken Class of 2013 took to the streets before school began today to shout things like "Get an honest job!" and wave colorful signs in the air. Not all of it made complete sense (the school board president's son held a sign that read "Stay off my lawn"), but the visual impact was clear enough.

"Obviously, this was our biggest memory from senior year," Alex Iammarino told Patch's Debbie Palmer.

At least one teacher voiced her concern on Twitter this morning:

And a choice, representative response:

Anyway, the comments section over at Palmer's story reveals that the community is still deeply divided following the teachers' strike.

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