Students Holding Separate Prom After School Cracks Down on Dirty Dancing

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It wasn't that long ago that horndogs students in Medina organized a separate, independent dance after their school cracked down on dirty dancing. Now students in Bellevue are doing the same thing.

Bellevue, if you'll recall, was the site of a bit of controversy after photos of kids grinding at an earlier school dance made their way to Facebook, then the local newspaper, then all the way to the natural outlet for this sort of sordid tale of teen love — 19 Action News.

Well, prom at Bellevue is coming up and school administrators were not going to stand idly by and watch teenagers hump the life out of the Holy Ghost, so they instituted a "face to face with some space" rule, a phrase that was definitely thought of by someone over the age of 50. Way to harsh their vibes, Pops.

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