Suit Against American Apparel's Chief Perv Goes to Trial

American Apparel CEO Dov Charney is accused of being a total skeez.
If you're cruising by the Cleveland Heights outpost of American Apparel (782 Coventry Road, 216-320-1761) today, don't bother asking employees about the sexual harassment lawsuit that goes to court this week against their CEO, Dov Charney. Apparently their opinions on the issue could get them canned, no matter how hot and sexy they look in fushia colored briefs. CEO Charney is accused, legally speaking, of being a perv. His list of faults includes conducting interviews in his underwear, hiring chicks he wanted to bed, and handing out a vibrator to help one female employee's libido. The dude also looks like a caricature sketch of a 1970s coke-blowing fiend, a hairy crossbreed of Steve Buscemi and a rodent. But for some reason that's not in the lawsuit. ...
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