Summit County Board of Elections Is Sorry About the Coronavirus "Isn't As Lethal as Liberal Left News Media and Chicken Little Researchers" Believe Tweet

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Amid the hellstorm of American partisan politics, we can all rest assured in knowing that it's the true and honest process of elections that brings us all together as one.

And despite the inflammatory rhetoric and various legal maneuverings that seek to undercut that singular democratic purpose, we can all also rest assured that the government agencies tasked with conducting those elections remain as non-partisan as possible.

It's at this moment we'd like to check in with the Twitter account of the Summit County Board of Elections. For no reason in particular. Let's just see what's going on. Probably some generic but fervent message to spread the gospel of voting. Or perhaps details on how to do so safely while the country sees resurgent coronavirus numbers as the pandemic continues apace.

Anyway, let's see what's happening down Akron way....


Summit County Board of Elections Director Lance Reed, in a statement to, said an employee with access to the BOE's Twitter account accidentally posted the message there instead of on their personal account.

"He keeps track of what time he is 'on the clock' and what times he is not," Reed said. "He was still logged into the Board of Elections account when he made a personal post. His post was deleted as soon as he realized the mistake he made. It is in no way the board's stance on the pandemic we are all striving to persevere through."

Kudos to this unnamed staffer, who the BOE refuses to name, for literally tweeting through it (the pandemic).

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