Survivor: Jim Crow Island

Letters published February 13, 2008

Blame the (blank)! Marilyn Manson Wine with that?

"Uncivil Right," Letters, February 6

For blacks in the good old days, reality bit: I've seen the writings of Mr. Gross, and he never seems to miss the chance to say something ass-backwards. Liberals, elites, Black Panther thugs . . . oh my!

First and most important, Mr. Gross: What came first, the chicken or the egg? Did the civil-rights movement create angry black men, or did angry black men create the civil-rights movement? My guess is that you probably never gave a rat's ass what the black people in your 'hood thought before it directly affected you.

Make no mistake, the stop-snitching movement is, for lack of a better description, "punk shit." But to assume that people got mad after "I have a dream" is just silly. It's as if Mr. Gross views justice and liberty like a fad or fashion statement.

Who knows? Perhaps in 10 years we'll be able to enjoy the retro "good old days," throwback times when you could string up a negro over an open fire in broad daylight. A time when you didn't have those pesky lawmen to deal with. Good times. When everyone was much happier. Sounds like the next reality-show series to me.

Robert Hill

"Mechanical Animal," January 30

Well, Shut Our Mouths
Latter-day Manson has fans aplenty: I pretty much fit the stereotype of someone you'd expect to respond to this. I'm still in my teens and a Marilyn Manson fanatic.

I was at the House of Blues concert. Mind you, it was sold out. I'm a very social person when it comes to concerts, and I spoke to a lot of people there. You might be surprised to know that most of his fans are nearly 30.

As for his Eat Me, Drink Me album being so terrible, why do people still listen to it? Face it — people like catchy tunes, and this album is filled with them. So they're metal ballads. This is nothing different than every other big-name band has done. I think he wanted a really personal concert experience. People feel like they can connect with him now. He's no longer the godforsaken hellspawn who walks the earth to gather souls for Satan. Now, instead of smoke and mirrors, he can really sing what he feels, and his fans can relate.

I don't totally disagree. Eat Me, Drink Me is my least favorite album, but his lyrics are witty and smart. To say he should have kept his mouth shut — well, you must not have been at the show.

Curtis Burley

"Under Cooked," January 30

Dine, Don't Whine
Customers dying for Wine Bar dishes: I have been to Wine Bar Rocky River three times since its opening and have had three of the best dining experiences ever. The patio on a brisk fall evening, with the tableside heater, could not have been any more pleasant. The food was to die for (I've had the roasted chicken with red-pepper pasta, asparagus, and Asiago cream), which was a pleasant surprise, considering the fact that we were going for a wonderful glass of wine.

I could not disagree any more with this article and have heard nothing but positive things about the Wine Bar ever since its opening. When I go to the hair salon, gym, or even the dry cleaners, it's the talk of the town! You missed the mark on this, Elaine.

Jennifer Livanec
North Ridgeville

Best ambience in town, bar none: I couldn't disagree more with the review of Rocky River Wine Bar. I think the bar has an amazing atmosphere and appeal for those patrons looking for a cozy evening with friends, but not looking for a stuffy crowd or $$$ prices. I feel Cicora completely missed the idea of a wine "bar."

Stacey Drozda

Count her in too: I have been to the Wine Bar numerous times since its opening and have yet to be disappointed. I have recommended WB to friends all over Cleveland and continue to return there for the wine, food, and great company that are a sure thing!

Allison Garrity

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