Swag Alert: Stadium Mustard & Jobu Tees



CLE Clothing Co., the purveyor behind those "I (basketball) Cleveland" shirts that you've probably seen around, is back with a fresh spring drop with plenty of sports goodness.

Make sure you browse through their entire collection, but two favorites are featured here.

One: The Stadium Mustard tee. No better visual or tasty representation of sports in the Forest City. Hell, I'd buy this before I bought anything from the Indians or Browns team shops.

Two: The Jobu Major League tee. There's plenty of good Major League gear out there — Pennant Race Gear specialized in this trope for awhile with the Wild Thing Wahoo and Willie Mays Hayes designs — so it's pretty easy to get numb to new stuff, especially when a design like this rattles off the last names in the same format you'll see a million other places. However, HOWEVER, the little picture of Jobu makes all the difference.

And mentioning Dorn. Any mention of Dorn is a good thing.

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