Talthina Jackson Beat Her 14-Year-Old Son With An Iron, Forced Him to Eat Feces (Update)

Not in the running for Mother of the Year.
  • Not in the running for Mother of the Year.

Update: Back in mid-August when we wrote this story, the details available at the time were scary enough: Mom hits son with iron.

Now, further allegations have emerged against Talthina Jackson's treatment of her children that are simply nauseating and heinous.

NewsNet5 reports that police have documented a long history of abuse.

Reports say Jackson locked her 14-year old son in his bedroom for so long he had to urinate out of the bedroom window and defecated in the closet, for fear of being hit for leaving the room. When Jackson came into the room and discovered the feces, she made him eat it and gave him a plastic bag to vomit.

In another incident, she thought the boy had urinated on plastic that was laid out to paint, so she made him lick it up. Miday said it was actually cat urine.

Another time, Jackson got angry at the boy for feeding the cats before her, so she made him eat the rest of the cat food. He vomited in a bowl, which she made him eat as well.

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Don't try to steal money from Talthina Jackson. At least not while she's ironing.

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