Tattoo Ban Draws Ire

Letters published August 17-August 23, 2000

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Saving Grace
Citizens should have the right to get inked: The law in Cleveland against tattoo shops is, without a doubt, one of the most ridiculous I have ever heard of ["Tattooing the City," August 3]. It is EIGHTY years old, [and was passed] when there was the Great Flu Epidemic in Cleveland, and everyone was hysterical in the first place. If they had passed a law against shaking hands, would anyone actually pay attention to it? Of course not. While I, personally, am not a big fan of tattoos, I should still have the right to get one in the city I live in. It is amazing that there are places in Cleveland where I can have ANY part of my body pierced, yet I can't get a tattoo. Quality tattoo shops are regulated and are a whole lot safer than getting your ear pierced in a shopping mall. I haven't seen anyone from Lakewood or Parma dropping dead lately from a measly tattoo. City Council President Mike Polensek, whom I admire greatly and who I think is doing a wonderful job, says he can't recall getting a call or a letter on the subject. Well, here is a letter. Lift that ban, as it is antiquated and is basically plain, old-fashioned stupid. Cleveland should be attracting small businesses, not turning them away.

Randy Sindelar

Thanks for writing, but next time use the spell-check: I'd like to take the time to suggest that your editors take notice of writer (in theory) Michael Gallucci's half-assed attempt at previewing the Aug. 4 AC/DC concert at Gund Arena [Nightwatch, August 3]. Not only does Gallucci reveal to the world that his writing ability is best limited to five-inch snipits [sic] kept at the back of your publication, but he also reveals his ignorance as a music critic.

As a writer myself, with a well-known local publication, I do understand that not every reader will agree with every writer's opinion. As a college-educated AC/DC fan, I also understand that not everyone has to love the band. I, in fact, do not enjoy Pink Floyd, if you can believe it. But Michael, did you even bother to do any work for this piece, or did you photocopy it out of an old issue of the music magazine Cream [sic]? Your "opinion" is as worn out as your spirit. It's been printed as many times as you claim AC/DC has reworked the same album.

Not everyone likes AC/DC, but the fact is that they are still a powerful force in the industry. They sell out every arena they play. They've sold over 80 million albums to fans all over the world. They boast more rock radio-played songs than any performers since Elvis and the Beatles. They play the blues no worse than greats such as Chuck Berry and Jimmi [sic] Hendrix and are admired by the likes of the Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton. And to say that they use only three chords? Sheesh.

Perhaps you've never picked up a guitar, so, as an avid player for more than nine years, I'll fill you in. AC/DC's beauty is in the simplicity of it's [sic] complexity. Listen to "Thunderstruck" or "For Those About to Rock" to hear my point. Structure is given to notes as sharp as needles. And as for the "ponderous" new album -- take a listen to "All Screwed Up" or "You Can't Stop Rock and Roll," and try to count the chords and musical variations.

Michael, as a writer, you are weak. As a critic, you are weaker. And in a battle of wits, it is clear, you come dangerously unarmed.

Ryan Cornell

And it's about music! I just finished reading your interview with King's X and enjoyed it ["Return of the Kings," August 3]. This is the first time I picked up your mag since you changed to a Free Times clone. I didn't realize that you still covered music. Some people at the King's X show were talking about it, and I had to see for myself. At least one person on your staff likes 'em.

via the Internet

Good looks determine coverage: Hey, I saw that article on Norm ["Back to Norm (Tischler)," August 10]. Pretty good. I also have been playing music in Cleveland since the late '60s, but I am younger and better- looking than Norm. Plus I also quit doing drugs (last night, as a matter of fact. Well, it really was this morning . . . actually . . . about noon today). To tell ya the truth, I'm considering giving up drinking as well, right now. Will this qualify me for a story in your paper? I know you guys are new in town, so you may not be real familiar with my band, 'cuz, you know, we don't wear masks or have women shaking bare titties on stage while we play.

Thanks, in advance, for your consideration. Oh yeah, I love the way you have squeezed the music between the food section and porno ads. Nice touch. Free Times sucks, Scene is great, etc., etc. All my love,

Stutz Bearcat

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