Taxi Driver Says Flats Are Scary, Explains That Christie's Bus

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A taxi driver named Chuck called Scene today in response to Gus Garcia-Roberts' recent article about the Flats, "The Wild, Wild West Bank." I’m a taxi driver, and the neighborhood of the Mirage is one of the most dangerous places I fear in the city. I wanted to let you know, I’ve heard from various Christie’s customers that an abundance of strippers were getting robbed when they left the place. Guys would wait out on the corners for the girls, or their customers, to come out with their money from the night. That’s part of the reason Christie’s created that bus. I don’t refuse to go anywhere in the city. And I’ll go to the West Bank at night. But if they want to go near the Mirage after 3 o’ clock, I’d rather, rather not. I’d rather go to any housing project than the Mirage after 3 o’clock. I just wanted to call to let you know I loved the article and about those Christie’s girls getting robbed.
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