Teens Crash Car Into South Euclid Residence

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This is probably the only cruisn theyll be doing for some time.
  • This is probably the only cruisn' they'll be doing for some time.

Drop top cruising, taking curves as the needle swings by 70, donuts in a wet field — just a few of the traditional American pastimes associated with young guys behind the wheel of a car. Add to that list: crashing through the front of a South Euclid home.

From 19ActionNews
: in the wee hours this Saturday two young bucks lost control of their vehicle and parked it through the living room of a house on Telhurst Road. It just so happened three kids and an adult were sleeping in the room at the time. Luckily, no one was hurt. After the crash the guys were all holy shit and tried to book from the scene. They were caught by neighbors and held until police arrived.

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